Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh hello, I didn't see you standing there!

You must have crept in quite silently whilst I was busy hanging the last of the pictures for our next exhibition. I think they're marvellous. How do you like them?

Oh, I see.

Well, yes, they're supposed to make you feel that way. That's why we graciously supply the "sick bags" at the front door. If you feel off please use them freely. As many as you need! But the management does ask that you turn away from the artwork as you're venting into the bag so as not to accidentally mar the images with flecks of your explosive excreta.

Just like that, yes. Thankew.

Please, take your time, wander freely through the amazing array of pictorial errata and miscellany we've brought together here for your enjoyment. I like to think there's a little something here for everyone. An unusual assortment of surprising talent and odd imagination. A "Rare Breed" of artistic endeavour if you will. But then, I am biased.

I'll be in the backroom if you need me. Just ring the bell on the front desk. And here... why don't you take a couple more baggies. Just in case. Better to have and not to want than want and not to have I always say.

Anyway, as I said, please enjoy.

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