Monday, July 12, 2010

Jack A. Lope

Couldn't get enough of our little gallery eh? I'm not surprised, the pieces here have a way of crawling into ones subconscious and laying eggs there. Beautiful, swollen, pustulent eggs. I saw you met the Colonel, our resident veteran of the battle of Watership Down, and thought I'd introduce myself.

J. Armitage Lope, F.O.P, D.O.E, Knight of the Lepus 1st class, at your service. How do you do?

I hope you'll stop by and visit our collection as it tours sunny San Diego in a fortnight. Well have ever so much to talk about, coffin worms, cold granite slabs, gibbous moons and the like. Keep an eye out for me, I do tend to stand out in a crowd.

It's a gift.

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