Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lord JS Howl Bearington III

New inductee nominated by Raz Ortiz!

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  1. Howl Bearington?

    Of the Blackmoor Bearingtons?

    Now what brings a member of such a prestigious family to our undeserving doorstep? Perhaps you've heard we acquired the famous portrait of mam'selle Greene? Or maybe you know it by it's more infamous title "the Emerald Corpse"? Some believe that, to stare at it too long leads to insanity and, eventually, death. A most unpleasant death. Apparently your brain rots, in your skull, over a period of weeks. Delightful, no? Why don't we step in the back and discuss it? If you want to, tempt fate as it were, you can take a peek. It's the one under the black velvet drape.

    Tut-tut sir! Prices first! Peeks second.

    Just in case.